is part of Nemat International , Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of high quality perfume oils. Our passion is to innovate and create new types of fragrances that excite the senses. Our fragrances combine the traditional aspects of Indian perfumery with contemporary ideas. The creators of the fragrances are part of the Attarwala family who have been involved with the art, science and traditional perfumery of India for over 170 years.

Our fragrance offerings include Perfume oils and Indian Attars, fragrances for products such as soaps, candles, incense, and potpourri. Because of their unique character, our fragrances will add a new dimension to your fragrant creations.

In addition to our fragrances, we offer a wide range of fragrance related products, such as essential oils, absolutes, empty perfume bottles and atomizers, and incense sticks. We supply to manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail stores.