Al Haramain Attar Al Maqam 100ML

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  • Name: Attar Al Maqam
  • Brand: Al Haramain Perfumes
  • Quantity: 100ML
  • Type: Attar Oil

Al Haramain Attar Al Maqam 100ML:

Al Haramain Attar Al Maqam 100ML, Al Haramain Perfumes has been a front-runner in perfumery since 1970. We do what we love and so we always explore the changing trends to consistently cater to the tastes of our discerning customers. Al Haramain has successfully struck a chord with a growing number of perfume lovers all over the world.

Ever since the first bottle was released in the summer of 1970, Al Haramain Perfumes has steadily grown in stature putting together a fragrant network of spectacular showrooms all over the UAE, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and the USA, and winning accolades, appreciation, and hearts along the way.


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