Al Haramain Attar Al Qasoor 12ML

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  • Name: Attar Al Qasoor
  • Qauntity: 12ML
  • Brand: Al Haramain Perfumes
  • Type: Attar Oil

Al Haramain Attar Al Qasoor 12ML:

Al Haramain Attar Al Qasoor 12ML is a gem, whose form is the perfume composition full of oriental flavor. Mystical and magical scent with which deepen your natural charm, sensuality and you show a strong effervescence. Essential embrace long-lasting.

Attar Al Qasoor 12ML Al Haramain is a journey to exotic trail, where do you see lots of delicious flavors. You will notice a whiff of old oriental composition will evoke pleasant images and becomes your entourage on a long journey throughout each day. Offer all around a little more.

Attar Al Qasoor 12ML  Al Haramain is stored in a lavish flacon, which mimics the finished crystal. Luxury gem, which must be removed at your home cosmetic shelf. Try to be perfect not only by his actions but also smell that line all around you.



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