Al Haramain Sandal Mysore No1 100ML

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  • Name: Sandal Mysore No1
  • Brand: Al Haramain Perfumes
  • Quantity: 100ML
  • Type: Attar Oil

Al Haramain Sandal Mysore No1 100ML:

Al Haramain Sandal Mysore No1 100ML, Sandalwood Mysore No.1 by Al Haramain 100% Pure Sensational Perfume Oil. This is one of the famous and popular Sandal Oil Perfume by world-renowned perfume producer Al Haramain UAE.

This sandal attar smell is very nice and long-lasting! A gentle, warm and woody fragrance featuring sandalwood. A rich, complex perfume with a comforting warmth, ideal for every occasion and suitable for both women and men.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Fragrance Name : Sandal Mysore No.1
  • Fragrance Type : Concentrated Perfume Oil / Attar
  • Sizes : 100ml
  • Brand : Al Haramain Perfumes UAE
  • 100% Alcohol Free Arabian Attar


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