Alsultan 100ML

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Alsultan 100ML:

Alsultan 100ML Lattafa Perfumes, Aroma with woody, oriental base, with woody notes and leather notes. As the disclosure to the base notes is joined notes, notes of sweetness and noble citrus. Very durable, stubby. Manufacturer by Lattafa Perfumes U.A.E.

LATTAFA, a premium company sense of style, essence, and imminence, is the finest brand from Lattafa perfumes. LATTAFA defines lifestyle and caters through its best in class perfumes which not only pampers but helps men and women cherish their life every day. Through a relentless peruse to satisfy many air taste and fashion, we offer unforgettable creations through elegant perfumes for all…

The brand LATTAFA is an essential creation inspired by the term “verve” which stands for passion and energy. Each perfume from LATTAFA depicts the same energy and vaguer, proving to be an inspiration to exhibit such a passion, each day. There are many trait and characteristics which connects an individual to a specific aroma and imminence. Such an aroma becomes an incredible driving substance of energy. LATTAFA takes pleasure in facilitating people of every kind and preferences to stay passionate and thriving in life through our collection. It has to be the creation form LATTAFA when it’s all about renewed energy with each perfume and aroma, time and again.


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