Dehn Al Oudh Al Muattaq 3ML

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Dehn Al Oudh Al Muattaq 3ML:

Dehn Al Oudh Al Muattaq 3ML has a woody Arabian fragrance with scent of sweet butter, smoked wood and Honey. Of pristine quality. Ajmal produces liquid perfumes, perfume oils (or attars, which is a traditional name of Arabian perfumes), solid perfumes and fragrances. You can choose a fragrance concentration you prefer: all perfume oils and solid perfumes are alcohol free.

Islam gives great importance in personal hygiene and having a clean, conducive environment during its daily ritual worships.  In a well known hadith (saying of the prophet), the Prophet Muhammad (alaihi al-salatu wa al-salam) is reported to have said: “Made beloved to me from your world are women and perfume, and the coolness of my eyes is in prayer.” (Ahmad and An-Nasa ‘i).  It is not surprising therefore that Muslims in general also like perfume and apply it on a regular basis. 


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