Full 6ML Surrati Attar

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Full 6ML Surrati Attar:

Full 6ML Surrati Attar, Full is very best product by surrati perfumes, its available in 6ML and 12ML, Full also know as Motia in urdu.

Surrati Perfumes Company is a limited liability company based in Holy City “MAKKAH” in Saudi Arabia established almost six decades ago. It is one of the leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Non Alcoholic Perfumes, Eau de Perfumes, Flavor water, Oudh, Empty Glass Bottles and Crystal Bottles. Surrati is not just a name of a fragrance and flavor Company, it is the name of Family personally committed to its clients for 60 years.

We have more than 3000 product of non-alcoholic perfumes and various kinds of bottles such as glass bottle coated with brass, crystal bottles, velvet boxes with different sizes, shapes and colors, Eau De Perfumes with different odours which makes more attractive to our customers.


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