Najm Noir 18ML BY Al Haramain Perfumes

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Najm Noir 18ML BY Al Haramain Perfumes:

Najm Noir 18ML BY Al Haramain Perfumes, Like a star that illuminates a moonless night, Najm Noir lightens up your mood with its perfectly balanced composition of subtle and seductive ingredients. A perfume that opens the doors to the world of olfactory masterpieces from the Middle East, and makes you breathe the eastern night in every whiff of the fragrance. Its sweetness, bitterness, softness and warmth create a deep and harmonious experience.

The fragrance comes in a rock crystal bottle with a cap in the form of a large diamond, characterizing the many facets of Najm Noir. It opens with a delightful and refined aroma of osmanthus, while the orange blossom gives the opening a fresh, sweetish floral, but most of all a clean dimension. The heart of Najm Noir gives the perfume all its warmth and tenderness through a trail of rich vanilla. The base notes of vetiver and musk complete the experience by adding a certain piquancy and sensuality .

  • Top notes:        Orange blossom, Osmanthus
  • Middle notes:   Vanilla
  • Base notes:       Vetiver, Musk

Concentrated perfume oil: 18 ml


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