Zahrat Al Nukhba 100ML

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  • Name : Zahrat Al Nukhba
  • Brand: Wadi Al Khaleej
  • Quantity: 100ML
  • Type: Spray

Zahrat Al Nukhba 100ML:

Zahrat Al Nukhba 100ML, Wadi Al Khaleej tasted greater success with the introduction of its Oriental perfumes which found instant acceptance and loyalty within the regional customers. Elegance, quality, competitiveness, and innovation are synonymous with Wadi Al Khaleej.

Over the last many decades, Wadi Al Khaleej has remained committed to its raison d’être of creating the finest perfumes that epitomize quality and sophistication, and moreover a fine mastery over the art of blending fragrances.

This quest for perfection in scent artistry has spurred the evolution of this small family business with a humble beginning, into one of the most modern regional industry leaders with a global vision. As a regional industry leader with many firsts to its credit, WADI SIJI PERFUMES has been at the forefront of growth, innovation, and evolution of the regional perfume sector into a modern and aggressively growing industry.


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