A Grammar of Arabic Language

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  • Name: A Grammar of Arabic Language (عربی زبان کی گرامر)
  • written by William Wright
  • Complete in 2 Vols
  • Publisher: Darul Ishaat

A Grammar of Arabic Language:

A Grammar of Arabic Language written by William Wright. Wright’s Arabic Grammar with embedded Quick Study Tool. Wright’s A Grammar of The Arabic Language. Vol-1 & Vol-2 Combined (Third Edition). Even though this famous book is being brought to you with both volumes combined and at an affordable price it remains complete and unabridged.

Weight’s grammar provides clear and simple explanations of written and spoken Arabic. Comprehensive and easy to use with coverage of all the key points of Arabic grammar, it is the ideal reference tool for beginner and intermediate students, whether at school, university, or learning on their own. No other book in such detail will show you how the Arabic language works.

A Review of This Edition “For over a hundred years Wright has and continues to be the unrivaled reference grammar book for the Arabic language, the new Wallenberg economy edition will be welcomed by students and teachers alike.” Telegraph Online


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