Seerat e Halbiya in Urdu

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Seerate Halbiya Urdu Translation By Shaykh Halbi R H


Seerat e Halbiya in Urdu:

Seerat e Halbiya in Urdu  is very populer Book about Seerat. This is a comprehensive and authoritative Book in Seerat e Nabvi .And its called also know that Umm u Seyar Mean The Mother of All Seerat Books.

Beceause this seerat book is very details about life of Hazrat Muhammad Sallaho Alihe Wa Sallam and about his Sahaba Rizwan ul Lallah e Taala Alehim Ajmaeen.

Seerat E Halbiya in Urdu by Allama Halabi Rahima Hullah and translation by Mulana Muhammad Aslam Qasmi. Its contain 6 Vol.This Book was my most favourite Book. Its called The mother of all Biographic Books which written on The Biography of our Prophet.