A Dictionary and Glossary of The Quran

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  • Name: A Dictionary and Glossary of The Quran
  • Writer: John Penrice
  • Language: English/Arabic
  • Urdu Name: سلک البیان فی مناقب القرآن
  • Publisher: Darul Ishaat

A Dictionary and Glossary of The Quran:

A Dictionary and Glossary of The Quran, It is every Muslim’s duty to read the Quran and try to understand it, which can be a problematic task for those unacquainted with Arabic. The study and appreciation of Arabic literature likewise demand a thorough familiarity with the Quran; the majority of works by Muslim writers abound in allusions to its precepts and quotations from its pages.

The sacred text’s purity of style and elegance of diction make it the standard of Arabic. This classic guide to one of the world’s most widely read books permits everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, to understand the Quran even those with no prior knowledge of Arabic.

Therefore, Geared toward beginners, it was written to answer the need for an American version of the Quran in contemporary English. Each word is list under its verbal root, grouping words without roots alphabetically, and numerous explanations of the text appear throughout to help beginners master some inevitable difficulties and to assist more advanced readers of Arabic in solving problems.


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