Al Jinn

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  • Name: Al-Jinn (الجن)
  • Written by: Dr. Ahmed H. Sakr
  • Pages: 152
  • Publisher : Darul Ishaat

Al Jinn:

Al Jinn wrote by Dr. Ahmad Sakr. In this book, Dr. Ahmad Sakr discusses the Islamic view of Jinns, a separate creation from human beings. Topics covered in the book include Jinns and magic, exorcism, the creation of Shetan, and how to protect oneself from Shetan.

This is important work, especially considering the amount of superstition and misinformation that surrounds the topic. The author uses the Quran and Sunnah as his guide for providing the Islamic perspective on Al Jinn. An Arabic glossary, as well as a series of questions and answers about Jinns, are included in the book as well.

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