Bakhoor Qurab Lee 40Grams

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Bakhoor Qurab Lee 40Grams:

Bakhoor Qurab Lee 40Grams Ard Al Zaafaran, A treat for the senses – Bakhour Qurab Lee, fragrant woods, enriched with fine, fragrant oils.

Incense burning in the old Arab tradition as it is practiced even today.
During burning incense on charcoal valuable fragrances are released and spread a relaxing lovely scent.


  • Romantic, sweet, warm, lovely

Quantity: 40g

Look: Shaped pieces to snap off.

Notes for incense burning with Bakhour:

In order to burn incense with Bakhour it is best to use Charcoal. The Charcoal is first ignited over a flame. Ideal are special lighters or a candle flame. After the charcoal begins to glow, it is placed in a Bakhoor holder or other fireproof dish.
Now on the coal the Bakhoor is placed and the smoking process can begin.
After smoking with Bakhour please ventilate the area.

Safety Notice: 

During incense burning can occur very high temperatures. The incense burners can become very hot. There is risk of fire. Gloves and fireproof dish are recommended. Keep children and animals always away.
Please do not leave unattended while in use.


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